Survived By

You may not have inherited your Ancestor's rugged good looks, but at least you got some extra HP!

Bullet Hell

Exploring the world is fraught with danger and excitement. You never know when poisonous ooze, magical bolts, or a flurry of arrows will coming flying at you...especially all at once

Don’t Die Alone

In those dark moments when you know death is coming for you, there’s no better person to have by your side than dozens of your closest friends.

Leave Your Legacy

The first time you die, it can be hard. But luckily you’ll be leaving something for the next guy! Earn Ancestral Legacies when you die to make your next character a little more deadly, and maybe less dead.

Craft and Create

Scavenge this ruined world for the means to defend it. Craft powerful equipment to keep yourself alive, defeat the most twisted of creatures, and ascend into legend.

Built With the Community

Every update is Survived By another update, and we decide what those are with your help! Get involved to help share the future of the game; we’ll please you or die trying!

A Land in Ruin

A corruption grips the land like a disease, spoiling or mutating everything it touches, and tearing apart the lives and sometimes bodies of men.


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