Survived By: Autumn Comes to the Heartlands

Autumn Comes to the Heartlands

October 3, 2018

This month, new ghouls and creatures have appeared in the Heartlands and it will take all of your sacrifices (and maybe a little candy) to stave off extinction. 

Get ready for plenty of tricks and treats all month long!

A New Event - Coming October 24

Will your efforts this month stave off the Deep Night? Or are we destined to descend into darkness? Team up with friends to explore new dungeons and take down a dangerous new boss! Well, that’s the plan at least. Do you have what it takes to survive the Deep Night? 

The Deep Night is coming… but before that, there’s new content showing up the Heartlands every week! 

New Visuals - Out now

The roads of the Heartlands are now covered in leaves and spider webs litter many of your favorite haunts. Expect more changes as the month progresses and the Deep Night creeps closer!

New Skins - Out Now

Starting today, visit the Seamstress to trade in your Electrum for new costumes to terrify friend and foe alike... These skins are only available until October 31, so act quickly, Ancestors! 

Potionmaster Skin (Alchemist): Boil and bubble, toil and trouble, witch skin will you choose?

Bonehead Skin (Druid): Do you have the guts to take down chimera? Not with this skin, you won’t!

Pharaohmancer Skin (Geomancer): You don't need to be cursed to get wrapped up in this skin!

Strawman Skin (Harbinger): Scare your foes all the way down the yellow brick road.

Deep-Vein Infiltrator Skin (Infiltrator): Raise the stakes with this blood-curdling look!

Scallywag Skin (Sentinel): Avast ye! Take the helm! And put ye hat on top.

New Attachments - Coming October 10

On October 10, choose to scare or offer a sweet treat to your fellow Ancestors with new attachments. Brave Ancestors may do both! Once these Attachments leave on October 31, they’ll be gone. So make sure to save up or visit the auction house to snag enough Bloodstone, Ancestors!

Spider Set
- Baby Spiders (Feet)
- Spider Legs (Back)
- Spider Web (Overhead)

Candy Set
- Halloween Candy Trail (Feet)
- Halloween Pumpkin Bucket (Back)
- Halloween Thought Bubble (Overhead)

New Gravestones - Coming October 17

It’s never too late to plan ahead, Ancestors. We all die, but now you can leave your descendants a lavish tombstone to remember you by. We’re adding eight new gravestones available for purchase with Electrum on October 17, so save the date -- and a fresh plot!

New Mystery Items - Coming October 17

From October 17 check in with your local craftsmen to craft mysterious items with untold properties. These items, such as the Bonfire bundle and Amber Effigy will be key to keeping the Deep Night at bay. You’ll need to craft them to uncover the truth.

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