Survived By: Crafting, Relics, and Well changes in the latest update!

Crafting, Relics, and Well changes in the latest update!

February 6, 2019

As we say hello to a frosty February, we’ve got a host of exciting updates and changes for you to enjoy!

Streamlined Crafting (In Progress)
 We are revamping our Crafting interface to make it easier than ever for you to get the gear you need! There is still some progress to be made as we craft an improved Crafting experience so it won’t be included in today’s update as we originally thought.

Here is our plan for the new Crafting menu: all the Crafting stations will be condensed so that you can access them all from one handy menu. Refining and Dismantling will also be added to the menu for easy access.

We are also implementing one of the most requested Crafting features: a queue! Add items to the queue to craft them while you run Dungeons or complete other tasks.

Relics Overhaul

Starting February 6, there are new ways for you to empower your Ancestor! Just like before, you can consume Relics to increase your stats, but now you can consume even more.

Stat increases will require progressively more Relics so you’ll need to commit yourself to get the most in return!

(UPDATE: We’ve heard your feedback, Ancestors! Our intention with the Relic Overhaul was to provide the most Stat benefits in the early levels, with diminishing returns that offered a significant investment for high-level players to increase their power should they choose to spend their time in the Heartlands that way. The initially proposed implementation of this Overhaul did not match that intention and we will continue to iterate until we get it right. For more details on our proposed changes head over to our Official Forums)

Well Changes

Are you ready to answer the Ancestral Call? Bring your level 25 character and see how many Wraiths you can take down in our new and improved Well with a revised layout, new enemy behaviors and more! Plus, engage your fellow Ancestors in some friendly competition with new Leaderboards. You’ll receive awards based on your performance on the Leaderboards so fight to keep your spot at the top if you want the best reward! For the first two weeks these rewards will be exclusive Titles that you can’t get anywhere else. 

We hope you enjoy the changes and updates we’re bringing to the Heartlands this month, Ancestors.

As always, if you have feedback or just want to chat with your fellow players, make sure to join the conversation on the Official Forums, Discord, or Social Media!

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