Survived By: Deep Night has fallen!

Deep Night has fallen!

October 24, 2018

The Heartlands are getting hauntingly dark!

Log in this week to experience the brand new Deep Night event, join our Monster Mash and grab some special Halloween-themed loot!


Deep Night has fallen on the Heartlands, Ancestors! Will you survive to see the dawn?

The Midnight hour is unending, and now the darkness threatens to consume the Tower. You must band together to light the Bonfires, storm the Event Mini-Dungeons and defeat the Dark Persona in the Deep Fissure.

It’s up to you to fight back against the creeping darkness and protect the Heartlands from the Dark Persona and its minions! If fate wills it, Ancestors, you will receive Silver, an empty Socket Slot, Armor Imprints, and one of the Deep Night consumables. You can gain favor with fate by offering Bonfire Bundles to Bonfires. Good’ll need it!

For full event details and to discuss strategy with fellow Ancestors, head over to the Official Forums.

Heartland Horrors presents… THE MONSTER MASH! - OCTOBER 31

Get ready for a Monster Mash! On October 31, each of our past Heartland Horrors (Cylindro, The Boreowl Shaman, The Queen Anima, The Frosty Hydra, as well as this month’s winner) will be spawned into the Heartland all at once for a crazy, creature-filled event!

Take down these wily beasts then join Katherine in the Tower for our Developer Stream on Oct. 31 from 4 to 5 p.m. CT at


Get free Halloween loot! On October 31, find special Vendors located throughout the Heartlands -- each with a loot bag containing a different selection of Halloween goodies for you to enjoy! You can only get one loot bag per Vendor, so make sure you visit them all for maximum treats.

Let us know what trick (or treat!) you’re most excited about below! Happy Trick-or-Treating, Ancestors!

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