Survived By: Economy Overhaul

Economy Overhaul

August 8, 2018

Hello, Ancestors!

While the majority of our team are working away at fixing bugs around server stability, performance, transaction issues, and adding new features, Ryan has been working with a couple people at Digital Extremes on some long-coming economy changes.These include some pretty big changes which we detail below, but the most immediate impact on the game are:

1. A major overhaul of the in-game economy balance in this week’s build
2. An account reset for all players to get a real sense of the impact of the changes - any Electrum you’ve purchased with real money will be waiting in your reset account for you!
3. We’re letting in a ton of new players and will give you all keys to invite your friends this week!

In this week’s update there’ll be a major overhaul of our in-game economy. Player based economies are a difficult thing to create and an even more difficult thing to balance. At this point in time, we have bitten more off than we can chew by having multiple currencies all being exchanged in the auction houses.

We will be making following changes to both simplify our economy and boost the value of Bloodstone:

The Silver Auction House is being removed.

From now on, Silver will be used to send mail, add attachments to messages, and list new items for Bloodstone auction. Teleporting between shrines will still cost Silver.

Reintroduce a Bloodstone Auction House in the future.

We want to make sure that Bloodstone is used for more than Electrum purchasing. This will be accomplished by making all Auction House listings priced in Bloodstone - which means you can use the Bloodstone earned from quests to bid on new gear and upgrades for your characters. This won’t go online right away, but in the meantime, you will be given the option to do the following:

  • Purchase T1-5 gear for Silver from vendors (T1-2 after Bloodstone Auction House reintroduction)
  • Purchase T6-9 gear for Bloodstone from vendors (T3-9 after Bloodstone Auction House reintroduction)

Major changes to simplify and make Electrum prices more transparent across the board.

Our goal here was to make Electrum prices more transparent by removing many scaling costs and reducing the overall price of sets of items. As a result, while the initial prices of some items have gone up (e.g. the first crafting station now costs 500 instead of 250), the overall prices for multiples (or a complete set) have gone down. (e.g. costs of all crafting stations has been reduced from 4150 to 2000).

  • The cost to unlock new classes has been reduced to 200 Electrum from 300
  • The following items have now been changed from an escalating fee to a flat fee:

    - Crafting Stations now cost a flat fee of 500 Electrum(total cost of all 4 has reduced from 4150 to 2000)
    - Unlocking Bag Space is a flat fee of 250 Electrum
    - Vault Space is a flat fee of 500 Electrum
    - Unlocking new character slots is a flat fee of 600 Electrum (cost of 5 character slots reduced from 3500 to 3000)
    - Using the returner is a flat fee of 35 Electrum (down from a previous max of 1500 for a T11 item)
    - Marking items for kin is a flat fee of 100 Electrum (down from a previous max of 3000 for a T11 item)

We also received a lot of community feedback regarding crafting: a desire for more diverse recipes, rebalanced crafting times, and making crafting costs more accessible. We hear you!

We’ve added two new crafting tiers to make crafting more dynamic and allow for more unique recipes. Crafting times for T1-5 have been reduced across the board, while T6-9 have been increased slightly. All crafting costs have been reduced - the higher the tier being crafted, the greater the discount! You’ll be able to find full details for these crafting cost changes in this week’s patch notes.

This is our first major step in reshaping the economy. To make sure we have a good feel for how these changes impact the economy, we will be resetting all accounts when the build launches this Wednesday. Please let us know what you think of these changes in the comments below! Where would you like to see us focus next for the economy changes?

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