Survived By: Embark on a new Quest!

Embark on a new Quest!

February 20, 2019

Ancestors! Quests are being reborn in the latest update to hit the Heartlands! We’re adding a new Weekly Quest that rewards powerful buffs. Plus, new social challenges, bounties, and more!


Daily Quests

There’s Quests waiting for you in the Heartlands! Find new Bounty Boards near Waypoint Shrines to pick up your first Daily Quest and earn Bloodstone. There are unique Quests for each tier, as well as new class-specific Quests for the Sentinel, Harbinger, and Alchemist!

Weekly Quests

We are reworking the Influence of the Signs system to become Weekly Quests! Weekly Quests are multi-stage quests for players that have reached Tier 9 that you can complete to receive 7-day buffs!


Hail to the Craftsmen! Our new Crafting menu is going live! From now on all the Crafting stations will be condensed so that you can access them all from one handy menu. Refining and Dismantling will also be added to the menu for easy access.

We are also implementing one of the most requested Crafting features: a queue! Add items to the queue to craft them while you run Dungeons or complete other tasks.


This update is also bringing changes to the Challenge system! Challenges are Character-specific activities that you can complete to earn Valr and Ancestral Legacies.

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