Survived By: Holidays in the Heartlands!

Holidays in the Heartlands!

December 19, 2018

Feel that chilly wind, Ancestors? Winter has arrived in the Heartlands!
To thank you for your patience and support during our server issues, we’re excited to offer the new World Tree Workshop Attachment Set as a gift in our next Hotfix! Check your inbox after the Hotfix to get yours.
However, winter in the Heartlands is much more than just a fresh dusting of frost and frigid deaths. There are all sorts of holiday festivities for you to enjoy! From December 19 until January 2, the Tower will be in full holiday swing, complete with a P.I.N.E. tree (Prototype Issuing Normalization Engine), presents, new Skins, new Attachments, and new Consumable items!

Holiday Tree and Presents Galore

 Gather round for holiday cheer, Ancestors! There’s a new addition to the Tower in the form of a very unique tree. The P.I.N.E. tree is beloved by villagers and ancestors alike for bestowing gifts upon the denizens of the Tower.
Visiting the P.I.N.E. tree will bestow upon you and every Ancestor a random reward, including a Weapon Projectile Consumable, one of the new Minions or a chance to get a Man-Sized Person-Shaped Box, which lets you craft one of the new Holiday Skins, absolutely free! The Weapon Projectile Consumable changes the way your projectiles look and nets you increased Silver drops from enemies. Minions are temporary companions that arrive on the battlefield when you use a consumable item, handy for saving you from a tough dungeon encounter or ambush in the Heartlands!
Make sure you come back and visit the P.I.N.E. tree every day to claim your reward!

New Holiday Attachments

 A new holiday look for the Heartlands needs some fresh holiday Attachments to go with it. In addition to the World Tree Workshop Attachment Set, get the new Winter Wonderland Set to strike wintry fear in the hearts of your enemies.  

Holiday Skins

 Along with all the decorations and decking the halls, each Class is also getting a new Holiday Skin! So whether you prefer roasting (and cracking) chestnuts by an open flame or finding silver and gold in your stocking, there’s a Skin for everyone this holiday season.

Frosty - Alchemist Skin 
You may be made of snow, but your bullets will melt every enemy in your path!

Slay Bells - Druid Skin 
Donning this skin will have you dashing, prancing, and blitzing through the Heartlands.
Pepperminer - Geomancer Skin 
The Pepperminers mint their own flavor of justice.
Little Helper - Harbinger Skin 
Help your enemies… into an early grave.
Nutmeg - Infiltrator Skin 
Shoot, shoot, as fast as you can! Just don’t let anything catch you...
Hans - Sentinel Skin 
Aim with the mouse and crack some skulls in this nutty costume.
Find all the latest holiday additions in Survived By today!

 P.S. Survived By is still committed to making technical and gameplay improvements during Early Access. This holiday event is meant to be fun for all players and was planned months in advance but we felt that it was necessary to stress that it does not take away resources from the teams dedicated to performance improvements.
For more details, make sure you check out our latest Letter from the Producer! If you have any questions about our holiday plans, please don’t hesitate to reach out on our Official Forums!

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