Survived By: Recovery and Danger

Recovery and Danger

January 17, 2019

Attention, Ancestors! Two major systems have undergone a slight reincarnation. We’ve made important changes to item recovery after death, Dangerous Chests, materials and more!

Item Recovery After Death

When a character dies, you can now exchange Offerings to recover their gear. Each Offering can be used to recover one item and can be obtained by crafting or purchasing from the Returner with Electrum.

Before you can craft an Offering, you’ll need:

  • Blue Jade, dropped by bosses, Dangerous Chests, and bounty targets
  • Waystone Fragments, a potential reward from Rank II and III Challenges and a guaranteed reward from Rank IV Challenges.

Remember Ancestors, Offerings and Waystone Fragments are bound to the character that earns them, but Blue Jade can be placed in the auction house or dropped.

You’ll need to have your Offerings before dying in order to pass them down your lineage.

Dangerous Chests

For your formidable efforts in defending the Heartland, we’ve increased the chance for Dangerous Chests to drop materials! In addition to this increased chance:

  • In hard mode Dungeons, Chests will only drop two types of materials, specific to that Dungeon
  • Chests will now drop level 5 & 6 charms but similar to materials will only offer two to three types of charms in hard mode Dungeons
  • Enemies from Chests are now more difficult to defeat

With these changes, we hope to provide every Ancestor more independence in finding the resources you need and want!

Let us know your thoughts and head on over to the official forums for full details.

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