Survived By: Resurgence Event Incoming!

Resurgence Event Incoming!

January 10, 2019

The Chimera threaten the Waypoint Shrines and you must help defend them!

Humanity has been forced to retreat to its final stronghold, the Tower. The Chimera and the Fury, recognizing the importance of the Waypoint Shrines, have decided to launch a final assault to wipe out humanity once and for all.

It falls to you, Ancestors, to defend the Waypoint Shrines and protect the Tower.

Once the assault begins, there will be an announcement made in region chat whenever a Waypoint Shrine is under attack, as well as a Map marker to direct you to the Waypoint Shrine in need.

After the announcement is made, you will have 15 minutes to reach the Waypoint Shrine. Use this time to gather allies and prepare your defenses before the assault!

Bolster your defenses by finding the Local Commander, and turning in unwanted gear to spawn Town Guards (up to a maximum of 8 Guards). Gear turn-in is shared between Ancestors, so you’ll want to recruit some friends to help you along the way!

The attack on a Waypoint Shrine will last for five minutes and consist of three waves of enemies for you to fend off. During the attack, you must keep the Local Commander alive or the Waypoint Shrine will fall!

If you are successful in defending the Waypoint Shrine, you will receive a tier-appropriate piece of gear with a guaranteed affix! Should you fail and the Shrine falls, it will be unusable for the next hour.

You must defend the Waypoint Shrines, Ancestor, or your advantage over the surging tide of Chimera will be lost.

Best of luck, Ancestors. You’ll need it.

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